Who We Are

We are a commercial security camera installer based in Bay City, Michigan. We strive to protect your investments by utilizing state of the art video surveillance systems. We custom design each system from the ground up to reduce internal and external threats. We utilize 3-D CAD to build out the install location virtually and place cameras where they are most effective. Before install day arrives, we have taken the time to identify and neutralize all security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Us?

  • Years of Experience
  • Cost Control
  • 3D Layout and Virtualization
  • Cloud Backup
  • Free Consultation
  • Optimal Camera Placement
  • Project Management
  • Remote Viewing

Our Services

Business Assessment

A well-designed video surveillance system cannot be achieved without first conducting a comprehensive assessment of the business operations inside and out. We assess the geographic area surrounding the facility. This phase identifies potential vulnerabilities that could lead to loss.

System Design/3D Rendering

Utilizing the latest 3D CAD technology, motion video animations are prepared for every client. This technology allows us to demonstrate exactly where each camera will be located and the coverage area of each camera. Currently, there is no better method for illustrating what the client can expect when the project is complete.


We install the highest quality components to meet your budget. We strive to install our systems with minimal disruption to our clients. We work with the client to arrange the installation at a time that best fits their schedule. We will provide a professional, organized, and well managed installation.

Cable Pulling & Management

An important part of every project involves keeping cables organized and properly labeled. Managing cables and adhearing to industry standards is essential to the success of every job.

System Upgrades

With technology rapidly changing, it may be time to upgrade your current system to take advantages of the latest technology has to offer.

Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is essential from the planning phase to post installation. At any point if you have questions or need assistance we are available to help.

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